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Our solution

The A-Vision document filing system is a web based document storage solution that files documents and gives you the ability to add META data to each of your documents. Each document will automatically have the document type, date and title as default META data, this makes sure you can find documents by type, date and/or title. Then there is specific document type dependant META data. Full features listed on our features page.

The expensive way

Use the A-Vision Document Filing system as your Electronic Filing Cabinet!
Your Electronic Filing Cabinet is awaiting you.
Storing physical document is an expensive business, it either occupies a part on your premises which cannot be used for something else or you have to rent external storage. Next to that, imagine the cost for retrieving a document... it is either a long process of approval and then finding the right document in the right archive box. You easily spend an hour doing so (if you exactly know where to search for) or even more.

Reducing costs

If you are still storing physical documents, then you are in for some decent cost reductions. Scanning documents and storing it electronically is a job easy done, however making these scanned documents searchable is a different story.
An online archive/backup is quite often just that. There's no reference whatsoever of the information within the document and a full text conversion of the scanned documents quite often does not give what you need either.

How smart can it get

Now we have all these document META data available why stop with only making it available for searching?
With scanning incoming documents on a daily or weekly basis you can make these documents available straight away within your whole company. Add a document approval workflow to it to assure the right information will be added to the documents.

(NOTE: The document filing system is NOT an archiving/backup system).

It can even smarter

Integration with a third party will hugely extend the usability of the A-Vision document filing system. Think for example an integration with the XERO online accounting system to retrieve supplier and client information to assign to META data fields. But also to automatically generate XERO AP invoices when they are added to the system and META data is assigned to it (or even part of the document approval workflow).

More information ...

We have implemented this electronic document filing system on several sites, so if you are looking for a decent filing system to store your electronic documents, please contact us for more information.

We have also close relations with a document scanning bureau that can help you out with scanning and extracting data from your documents.